Metallurgical Failure Analysis Report

Often investigations start with a site visit to inspect the parts in-situ. On other occasions, failed or defective or corroded parts are delivered to metserve for examination. There are comprehensive metallurgical facilities available to determine the mode of failure from examination or replication of the damage and the fracture surfaces. The approach to failure investigation is meticulous and thorough but always with the client's objectives in mind.



Title Page


To-the-point-summary of the failure analysis.


Circumstances of the failure and documentation of the equipment and processes involved.

scope of work:

  • Review available background information including specifications, service history, maintenance history, reports by others, etc. to understand the operating conditions before the failure event;
  • Analyze the failed component for the mechanism of failure;
  • Report findings and express an opinion.


Examination and analysis of the failed components may included:

  • Visual examination and photography of component as received.

  • Dimensional measurements.

  • Stereo-optical microscopy.

  • Fractography.

  • Photo-documentation.

  • Metallurgical examination of selected cross sections for microstructural characteristics.

  • Metallography

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Micro hardness readings.

  • Cross-sectional analysis of cracks, etc.

  • Chemical analysis of scaling and deposits found in cracks, etc;


Summarizes the evidence discovered in the investigation.


Discusses the implications of the findings; attempts to convey a thorough understanding of the failure mechanism to the reader.  From this understanding, the client should be able to make better address the plant environment and reduce the risk of future failures.


Itemizes the findings and expresses the authorís opinion on the root cause(s) of the failure.


Refers the reader to relevant articles when appropriate.