Welding-failures: chance or negligence?

We can help you with understanding your problems that are plaguing your field welds or shop welds. Whether you are experiencing problem with MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), Stick (SMAW), SAW, Brazing or complaints with weld quality from your customers we can solve your problems.

Here is some of our everyday weld and welding related metallurgical testing and failure analysis laboratory services-

Physical Testing
Filler Material Identification
Laboratory Failure Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscope
Impact Test: Charpy & Izod, Tensile Testing ,Bend Test

Metserve metallurgist can solve your -

Welding-failures, service failures, weld defects, weld joint metallography, discontinuities, burst fractures, corrosion attack, overheat, crack in welds, wear damage, fatigue cracks, overload, faulty design, metallurgical failures, wrong material selection, inadequate welding procedures, joining questions needing answers: these are some of the items we are specialists in.

The problem with Welding-failures is that they happen without warning, at the worst moment, in the most damaging way, with most costly repair procedures. That is common to all failures, probably. What can we learn from a failure? If we are keen and determined we can learn how to avoid it next time, how to improve what we do.