Q. How does the results service work?

A. Once we have started the work, we will create a discreet and private customer area for you. You will be able to access this through the main site. You will be prompted for a username and password, known only to yourself and us.   

Q. How long are the results pages kept online?

A. For the project life or for as long as you require them. If we don't receive any specific instruction from you, the site(s) will normally be purged after 1 month.

Q. Why do I need results pages at all? Why can't you just send me the results?

A. We still do, we send the hard copy and a CD (containing the report in pdf format) direct to customers by courier. However, we have found that customers prefer to use the results service. It is simple to use and the results are available wherever you are, as long as you have a computer and access to the web. This means that you can share results which others in your team easily and efficiently, without sending or receiving large files by email.  In the age of globalisation we are finding more and more that companies prefer to work in this way.  Don't forget, you can still download and save the results to your local hard disk as well, if you wish.

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