What are your terms and conditions for In-situ metallography work?



Our scope of the work for In-situ metallography involves preparing the microstructure at site and replication .The preliminary results will be conveyed to the client on-site.

Electrical supply 230 Volt A/C board with ELCB for 5 amp connections (Minimum 2 points) should be provided by the client at site.

The client must select the locations for the replication work and only accessible locations will be attended.

Preliminary grinding to remove the oxide scales should be arranged by the client for each replication work.

The safety permits like hot work permit, work to start permit and confined space vessel entry permit should be obtained by the client for In-Situ Metallography.

The client should supply necessary Safety gadgets  for in-situ metallography at site.

The client should provide all necessary help for handling of equipment at site including any casual labor if required.

The client must provide the list of the Materials of Constructions in advance for the components/equipment's required for in-situ Metallography.

The preliminary results will be conveyed to the client on-site, however the complete metallurgical report and subsequently photomicrography at our laboratory will be submitted after the complication of work at site.

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