Can you predict metal failure onsite based on the present working condition?

We can undertake such prediction using In-Situ Metallography. In-situ Metallography is performed  on actual site with a team comprising of  replication specialist and a metallurgists. It is used to find out in-service degradation of critical components of process plants operating under high temperature/ high pressure/ corrosive atmosphere. We also have develop a data bank of critical components of equipment of process plant by periodical monitoring for preventive maintenance and planning for inventory control. In-situ Metallography checks the microstructure of component for intended service prior to being put in use. In-situ Metallography is used for remaining life assessment studies.

To conduct this test we will depute one full time metallurgist on-site at your location to undertake the job, and we will need two technicians to speed up the job at on-site. We will have a microscope at site so that decisions can be made  on site with evidence on photography.

Details  require for the interpretation of microstructure prepared on high temperature components

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