Failure Analysis and Damage Assessment.

Failures are an unfortunate fact of life. Successful companies stand out in their positive approach to understanding the events leading to failures and the underlying causes so as to learn and prevent reoccurrence. Investigation of failure is important where claims for compensation are involved, where a product's fitness for purpose is in doubt, and to give clients confidence in their future operations.

Our number one specialty is metallurgical and materials problem solving.
Revealing failure origins and causes to the experienced eye requires accurate and insightful forensic analysis because answers usually are not readily apparent from normal visual examination of the physical evidence.
For Instance:

* Did the pipe break due to creep, corrosion or erosion?
* Was the fracture the cause or result of the explosion?
* Was failure due to overload or years of normal use?
* Is the material or weld quality to standard?

* What is the condition of our main steam line?
* How many years can we expect from our superheater header?
* What damaged caused the fire?
* What material is the best to use for the application?
* Does the material comply to the required specifications?           

* What initiated the fracture?
* Was the fracture slowly developing or sudden unforeseen?

* Is there sabotage involved?                                                                                                  * What is the probability and consequences of the failure?

Knowing the answers to these questions can make the difference.

Contact us for the most dependable metallurgical forensic engineering services available.
We offer third party evaluation that is independent and one that provides confidential,            uncompromised and unbiased reporting, trusted by all parties involved.
After determining the cause of failure, we will work with you on corrective action and make appropriate recommendations to solve the problem.

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Steps for failure analysis